About us

Move safely with us

Kvalitetsflytt is a moving company that has extensive experience in helping companies and individuals with moving services. We offer assistance in moving, cleaning and storage.

Our experience and knowledge dates back to the 1960s when our owner started in the haulage industry. In the 1990s, the business was refined into a moving company. The business flourished and was eventually sold to a larger chain. After a few years as a consultant in the industry, Kvalitetsflytt was started in 2003.

Now we have gathered the experience necessary to deliver high quality in all our contacts with customers. Over the years we have learned what is important. You can confidently hand over your moving job to us.

Today we are well known in the market and for many people we are the obvious choice for both private and corporate moves. We are constantly working to improve our procedures to ensure that our customers feel safe and satisfied with us.