Moving heavy items

Moving heavy items in Gothenburg, Borås & Malmö

Are you facing a move and need help moving and transporting heavy furniture, machinery, safes, heating systems, machines or anything else that requires a little extra? All our employees are trained to deal with a heavy move of any kind and work in an attentive and structured way to avoid accidents. We help both private individuals and companies at our removal companies in Gothenburg, Borås and the whole of Skåne and the surrounding area, regardless of the shape or weight of the items.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for professional help when your move requires that extra bit of effort. With the right tools and carefully selected partners, no job is too big or too small, whether you are moving within the building or from one location to another.

Professional moving services for everyone in Gothenburg, Borås and Skåne.

Any move that is heavier, more cumbersome or complex than a standard move is classified as a heavy move and requires more resources as well as experience to carry out. You need tools suitable for the purpose as well as a broader knowledge of how to move the objects safely and as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our staff are heavy lifting specialists with an understanding of flexibility and solution orientation. With experience from several complex moving jobs, we see no job as impossible and there is no problem without a smooth and safe solution. We have harnesses, machines and tools, as well as specialized equipment, adapted to the requirements of each specific floating event. If there is something that we consider particularly difficult to handle, we have a number of knowledgeable partners who can provide additional help and the necessary equipment. In this way, you can always be sure that the move will be carried out in a safe and efficient manner without the risk of delays or accidents.

Leave your heavy move in Gothenburg, Borås, Halland or Skåne to us and we will take on the challenge.

Moving heavy items in Borås & all of Sweden without problems and risks

With a wide range of moving services, we offer complete solutions from planning to cleaning with your wishes in mind. Packing assistance, moving, transportation, cleaning and storage. Upon request, we always start with a free inspection of the goods to assess the resources required both in terms of equipment and personnel. We can then also provide you with an all-inclusive quote for your complete peace of mind. You can also fill out our form below to get a quick quote within 30 minutes!

In addition to our experience and knowledge that guarantees a safe move, we are of course insured for liability through Länsförsäkringar Försäkringsbolag. Any damage that might occur in connection with our handling of the goods is thus compensated to a certain amount. We work in accordance with Bohag 2010 and Kontor 2003 and are members of SÅ (Sveriges Åkeriföretag).

Comprehensive moving assistance throughout Sweden

Moving is always demanding, but with heavy, bulky and very large objects, it can be more or less impossible to complete the task without the help of professionals in the field. We are a well-established moving company with high ambitions and a great understanding of the varying needs of all customers.
All our removals are uniquely tailored to each client’s circumstances and requirements and we offer high quality services at competitive prices. Our offices are located throughout Västra Götaland, Halland and Skåne, but we operate throughout the country. Describe your needs and we’ll solve the task regardless of the complexity, location or form of the move.