Moving pianos

Need help moving your piano? Kvalitetsflytt has been operating as a moving company for almost 10 years. We’ve been moving pianos and grand pianos all over Sweden for just as long. In other words, we have what it takes to make you feel confident in choosing us as your piano moving partner. We carry out nearly 200 piano removals every year in our moving locations but more or less all over Sweden and also abroad.

Moving a grand or upright piano

In order to carry out a safe and correct piano move or airplane transport, it requires strength, technique, long experience and not least the right equipment for the purpose such as slings and a safe piano trolley. With these components, we ensure that your piano arrives safe and sound. The same applies to our staff as there is a great risk of injury during these heavy lifts if not done properly. With us at Kvalitetsflytt you get an affordable, safe and secure move of your piano, your grand piano or other heavy pieces and instruments. If there is one thing we know, it is Piano Moving ☝?

Download packing tips and rules for moving!

Here are the things you need to think about before and during a move. The list includes packing tips, moving rules and general and important considerations.

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