Move-out cleaning

We carry out move-out cleaning in southern Sweden, Mälardalen and Norrland.

We can help you with your move-out cleaning throughout southern and western Sweden. Is your location not listed? In all likelihood, we can still arrange a quick and safe cleaning, so contact us for a quote.

Let us take care of your move-out cleaning

Moving places great demands on cleaning and many find it boring to have to spend time and effort on cleaning when you have a new home to take care of. By letting us do your move-out cleaning, you avoid having two suppliers involved in your move. We take care of everything from the start to the handover of the key in a professional manner. This will save you time, which you can spend on getting your new home in order. It is not uncommon for sellers and buyers to have different views on how a move should be carried out and what is clean. If you buy move-out cleaning from us, you don’t have to worry.

We always provide a guarantee on our projects to give you peace of mind and avoid disputes. Our move-out cleaning is a comprehensive cleaning of the home and is carried out by our own staff. The cleaning is carried out according to Swedish standards. The inspection guarantee we provide means that in the unlikely event that anything is found during the inspection of the move-out cleaning, it will be fixed free of charge.

Download our move-out cleaning checklist!

The list indicates what we at Kvalitetsflytt work on to achieve properly executed move-out cleaning and some simple things that need to be fulfilled by you for the best results. Of course, you can also use the checklist entirely on its own to help you carry out the cleaning.

Click here to download the checklist