Questions and answers


  • Where are you?

    We offer our services in most of Sweden, but start from the locations on the map.

    Borås (HK), Gothenburg, Varberg, Landskrona, Malmö, Västerås, Umeå, Luleå and Stockholm.

  • What kind of moving services do you offer?

    We offer private moving, company moving, heavy moving, piano moving, moving cleaning, moving packing and storage.

    We also drive away the desired rubbish for recycling via our sister company SKRÄPBILEN

  • How do I know you're serious?

    to see that we are a serious company, you can e.g. check:

    Reviews - check out what others think on the review site where we have received over 1000 reviews, it usually gives a good feeling among our visitors.

    Traffic permit - you can easily check that we have a traffic permit at the Swedish Transport Agency

    All companies - check history, number of employees, turnover, board, finances and much more at all companies

  • Do you have a professional traffic permit?

    Yes, we at quality moving have a professional traffic permit. If you wish, you can go to the Transport Board HERE and fill in our organization number (559339-2938).

    Then you will see directly in your browser that we hold professional traffic data that you can get emailed to you directly ??

  • What is and does a professional traffic permit mean?

    A Professional Traffic Permit is a permit issued by the Swedish Transport Agency that shows that a company may operate and is approved for professional traffic.

    In our case, the license applies to goods traffic (professional traffic that refers to the transport of goods)

  • Are you moving throughout Sweden?

    We offer removals in more or less all of Sweden and all of Europe

  • How do I know how many cubic meters I have?

    We have kbm calculators on the website, just ask someone at our customer service

  • Can we store our furniture with you?

    Yes in our regions

  • Where do you offer storage?

    All our offices

  • What about insurance during storage?

    You have your own type of home insurance

  • How do I book the move?

    Via customer service or the website

  • What about documents if I move outside the EU?

    The EES agreement and other CMRs, we solve all that for a fee

  • Do you offer relocation abroad?


  • I'm moving between different cities, is there anything special to think about?

    Check the unloading address and other important information

  • Can I adjust my order after booking?


  • Who do I contact if I have questions before or during the move?

    Customer service


  • What payment options do you offer?

    We at Kvalitetsflytt offer payment by card and Swish.

    Bank giro: 5977-6005

    Swish: 1234579355

  • When do I pay for my move?

    You pay immediately after completing the service, with Swish or card.

  • How and when should I pay for the move?

    After completing the mission

  • Do you offer an invoice?

    No, only against companies

  • How much does it cost to move?

    From SEK 2,000 after Rut


  • How do I pack glass & porcelain?

    the best and most common is to wrap fragile objects such as glass and porcelain in so-called tissue paper.

  • Can I pack my household goods myself?

    Absolutely. you can pack yourself or get help from us.

  • Can I get a copy of my packing list?

    Absolutely, If we carry out the packing for you, you will receive a packing list as standard

  • What about packing paintings?

    Smaller paintings are packed in a moving box that is left open.

    you can leave larger paintings as they will be felted in by our staff.

    NOTE. precious paintings should be packed properly, either by you us. If this is not done, we do not take responsibility for any damage.

  • Do you offer moving boxes in connection with moving?

    Yes, we offer moving boxes with so-called double well to withstand greater stress.

  • I have ordered moving boxes, when will they arrive?

    We drive out moving boxes every Sunday in our regions.

  • How much does it cost to borrow moving boxes?

    Borrowing moving boxes from us in connection with moving costs from SEK 500 after RUT.

  • How do I best prepare for the move?
    • Pack everything you can in boxes/boxes/sacks
    • Assemble what is needed/possible
    • For us, it is best if it is not a lot of small things, we want volume when we carry your household goods out of the home
  • Do you protect the furniture or do I?

    It is our responsibility to protect the furniture during the entire transport. Everything is stuffed onto the truck. sensitive/fragile/precious items must be export packed.

  • How much can I pack in a moving box?

    Until it is full, but a maximum of 17 kg

  • How do I pack plants & flowers?

    Less in a moved box that is left open. You can leave large plants standing and we will place them loosely on our truck during transport.

  • How many cartons are needed?

    Expect about one moving box per square meter you are moving. If you choose to move with us, we can offer strong & stable moving boxes for your move

  • Should I dismantle furniture before the move?

    Nothing is required, but it facilitates the move as a whole if there are parts that take time or that take up an unnecessary amount of space when assembled.

  • How should I think when packing the TV?

    Packed by you or us, if not our responsibility.

  • What should I consider when it comes to moving boxes?

    Use of the better quality (Double well), single well is not recommended in case of damage, possibly in some cases not under our responsibility

  • How do I best protect my computer/screen?

    In a moving box if possible, otherwise pack it

  • Can you also pack the furniture before the move?


  • What if my furniture is damaged during the move?

    If we are responsible, a compensation is given or new ones are bought depending on age according to the 2010 household budget

  • Do I have any obligations when moving?

    Yes lots, it is best to solve Bohag 2010

  • Do you also move pianos?


  • How is my furniture and household goods insured?

    Yes, fully valued according to household accounts 2010

  • Is there something you need to know to facilitate the move?

    Floor, storage, lift yes/no and loading-unloading distance very important. The more info, the better the move, then we are preparing

  • Can I pack myself?


  • What do we do with furniture that is sensitive to dirt, e.g. our bed?

    Order a pack of these

  • What do I do with jewelry and other more valuable things?

    You take care of do not want to be responsible for these, in case of loss not our responsibility household goods 2010

  • How should we think about parking on moving day?

    Good if you prepare, if it becomes too far to walk, there may be additional charges

  • Can you also help drive/throw away rubbish?


  • Can I cancel a move that is booked?

    Yes, 14 days before

  • What if something is damaged during the move?

    A damage report is made, then a damage investigation

  • How is the walking distance calculated?

    From truck to entrance

  • What is a moving protocol?

    Information about the assignment

  • How do I file a claim?

    Email, or postage


  • Can you get a RUT deduction for moving?

    Yes, you can use the Rut deduction when you move with a moving company

  • Is the price before or after RUT?

    The price is according to RUT! Most often, as a customer, you see what the deduction is on the quote & invoice

  • Do I apply for RUT deduction or do you do it?

    We take care of everything when it comes to Rut deductions and beautification of RUT, you pay according to route.

  • What happens if I am rejected for RUT?

    We help with the appeal, if it is not approved you will be liable for payment for any difference.

  • Can we split the RUT deduction between two people?

    Absolutely, let our customer service know and we will take care of the administration. Good thing to keep in mind is that at least one of the people for whom we apply for RUT deduction must be on the invoice, which must also be paid. Both people must also be registered in the households between which the move takes place.

  • How does the RUT deduction work?

    You who hire a company for so-called "Schedule work" can receive a tax reduction, so-called square deduction, for parts of the work cost. NOTE. It is only the labor cost that entitles you to a square deduction, and you may deduct a maximum of 50 percent. Materials and travel costs in connection with the work do not give the right to a deduction!

  • When do you apply for RUT deductions?

    As soon as the invoice is fully paid, we can apply for RUT for a move. When we have received the last payment, you end up on the list of applications to the Tax Agency.

  • What in Flytten do I get a deduction for (RUT)?

    According to the Swedish Tax Agency, you can get a tax deduction for the following related to your move.

    • Household goods to be moved between residences
    • Move-out cleaninghold goods between rental flats or condominiums in the same building
    • Household goods to be moved to and from warehouses or other storage locations (note that this applies as long as the household goods are moved within two years to the new home)
    • Moving of household goods that takes place in connection with the so-called homestyling for the sale of your home
    • Unpacking and unpacking, loading, unloading or similar preparations for transport
    • The labor cost of a driver or other personnel who transport the household goods
    • Assembly and disassembly of furniture that cannot be moved in its entirety
    • Installation and removal of paintings, curtains and/or fixtures
    • Moving heavy items, such as pianos, that are part of the household
  • What can I get a deduction for?

    Labor cost


  • Do you offer relocation?

    Yes, we offer relocation. almost half of our customers also hire us for moving.

  • How much does it cost if you are going to take care of moving?

    from SEK 30 per square meter after RUT.


    Calculation example – an 85 sq m apartment costs around SEK 2,500. After RUT

  • Do you leave a guarantee on the cleaning?

    Yes, we offer a one-week guarantee on our moving cleanings.

  • What if the inspection does not go through?

    The inspection guarantee means that if, contrary to expectations, there should be something during the inspection of the moving cleaning, this will be fixed free of charge by us.