Moving services with Rut Deduction at Kvalitetsflytt

The RUT deduction, the prominent Swedish tax deduction system for domestic services, has revolutionized the way Swedes think about hiring domestic help. Initially limited to services such as cleaning and maintenance, it has now been expanded to include moving assistance.

Background to the RUT deduction for relocation

Since 2003, the RUT tax credit has been part of the Swedish tax system, but it was not until 2007 that it became possible to benefit from the tax credit for household-related services. An important step forward came in 2016, when the possibility to deduct moving services was introduced. This was an attempt to tackle the black market, which had become particularly prominent in the removals sector. By offering deductions for legitimate movers, the government wanted to give consumers an attractive, legal and financially beneficial option.

What is covered by the RUT deduction during a move?

The RUT deduction for moving assistance covers the cost of work when you hire a professional moving company. This represents a significant saving for the consumer, who only has to pay half the cost thanks to the tax reduction. An important date to keep an eye on is when the actual move takes place. Even if you book and pay for the service before 1 August, the move must take place after this date for the RUT deduction to apply.

Expanded Opportunities with RUT deductions

In addition to moving services, the RUT deduction covers other services such as removal cleaning. Given the potential stress a move can bring, this deduction offers a great solution to make the moving process smoother. Hiring a cleaning service through RUT is not only cheaper, but you also get a guarantee from the company. If the cleaning does not meet expectations, the company will take full responsibility.

Quality Moving – Your Partner in Moving

At Kvalitetsflytt, we strive to make your move as hassle-free as possible. With the possibility of using the RUT deduction, you can be sure to get a first-class service at a favorable price. Whether it’s the move itself or additional services like cleaning, we are here to make sure your needs are met.

So next time you are considering a move, think about the benefits of the RUT deduction and let Kvalitetsflytt take care of the rest!