Moving company Halland


  • We carry out over 10,000 moves/cleaning per year
  • Insurance included up to €10 million
  • 50% of the cost after RUT deduction


Moving company in Halland

Moving can be extremely stressful and work inevitably steals a lot of focus from your daily chores and what you would rather spend time on. Let us at Kvalitetsflytt take over the responsibility and enjoy the fun of moving instead. You choose whether you want us to take over all the steps or just show up for the transport. Either way, our dedicated staff will do their utmost to streamline the transition and make your move smoother and safer.

Are you planning a change of residence or want help to move your company to new premises? Our moving company is ready and equipped for any type of move with the aim of delivering professional assistance in line with all your requirements. Let us know more about your upcoming move and we will work with you to find an affordable solution that meets your needs.

Tailor-made moving assistance on request

With a full range of moving services, we give you, the customer, the opportunity to shape your move according to your wishes.

  • We have quality packaging and packing materials adapted to all your needs.
  • Of course, we also offer to pack for you in a practical and knowledgeable way.
  • On moving day, we show up to take care of all the heavy lifting and transport you and your belongings smoothly and safely. With good local knowledge in Halland, we choose the best routes to keep both time and costs down.
  • If you want to focus on the new place and not have to deal with the move-in cleaning, our skilled cleaning team will be happy to take over and make sure the results are appreciated by the next occupant.
  • If you have items and furniture you want to store, we will provide you with suitable storage until you need them again.

Think about what you expect from us as a moving company and we will come up with a solution and a clear quote for the work.

Why customers choose Kvalitetsflytt

Our focus is always on the customer. We know that it is only with satisfied customers that we can continue our business, which is why we never leave an assignment before ensuring that everything is satisfactory.

When you hire us, you can expect:

  • Help from responsive staff who listen to your needs and adapt their interventions accordingly.
  • We work with structure, care and an understanding of the sentimental value of things.
  • We choose only the safest methods, quality materials and protective blankets etc.
  • Of course, we have liability insurance, all permits and offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on all moving services.
  • All work is carried out in line with Bohag 2010 regulations.
  • Our moving services are eligible for the Rut deduction.

Safe, efficient and facilitating assistance is a matter of course, but beyond that we also want all customers to feel safe with us through our cooperation.

“Quick response when requesting a quote. Punctual and efficient during the actual move.”
– Karin E – Reco

“Fast, efficient and punctual! Everything in the right place and undamaged. Affordable!”
– Johan Östberg – Facebook

“Clear offer. Careful and efficient moving of my household goods. A moving company I recommend.”
– Lars-Eric G – Reco

“Pleasant treatment from ear to loaf. The move flowed very nicely and felt that everything was handled carefully. Will absolutely use if/when the next move takes place”
– Nicklas Raab – Facebook

“Can recommend quality moving. Fast and pleasant since the price was great?
– Patrik L – Reco

“Great guys. Easy to deal with. Went quickly and smoothly. Really recommend them.”
– Inger Martinsson – Facebook

Do you need moving assistance in Halland?

We know that moving is often stressful and that the project often turns everyday life upside down. What we as a moving company offer you in Halland is relief from the heavy work so that you can instead devote yourself to things you prefer to spend time on. Our tailor-made concepts mean that you can get help with all aspects of your move, from planning and packing to transportation and cleaning. if you’re looking for a moving company in Lahom, we’ll go there too. Turn to us and we will design a solution that suits you best and make your move a positive memory.