Moving company Malmö


  • We carry out over 10,000 moves/cleaning per year
  • Insurance included up to €10 million
  • 50% of the cost after RUT deduction


Moving company Malmö

Are you preparing for a change of residence and need help with moving house? Or maybe it’s time to relocate? We help you with your move in Malmö.

We at Kvalitetsflytt flytt flyttfirma Malmö have extensive experience of all different types of removals and are ready to move in with a pair of extra strong arms when it is time for the move, we easily and efficiently move your furniture and belongings no matter how far they are to be moved or how heavy they are at our moving company in Malmö.

With high capacity, specialist knowledge and extensive experience in all types of removals, we have everything you need to make your move easier. Our all-inclusive services are carefully designed to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses regardless of their requirements, size or complexity. We know how to move a home from one address to another efficiently and safely, as well as how to get a business settled quickly in new premises without any hassle or unnecessarily long interruptions.

Our job is to streamline the moving process, reduce stress and eliminate any risk of costly mishaps during the move. Describe your move to us today and we’ll work out an affordable moving solution with a quote and schedule for the work.

Services we offer as a moving company in Malmö

  • Packing assistance
  • Moving and transportation
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Professional move-out cleaning
  • Storage in dry and secure warehouses
  • Move-out cleaning

Recognizing how varied all our customers’ needs are, we offer a wide range of moving services and tailored solutions for anyone looking for moving assistance in Malmö. Here, our work is always customer-driven and you decide whether we take over the entire move or just show up when it’s time to start carrying.

If you choose to bring us in early in the process, we can help with planning and packing, and then on the day of the move, transport the load to your new address. We also have an experienced cleaning team ready to take over your move and can arrange storage in suitable and secure warehouses in or outside Malmö and the surrounding area.

Flexible moving company in Malmö for both individuals and companies

We at Kvalitetsflytt are a moving company in Malmö that helps both large and small companies with moving. Through years of experience, we know that the requirements for this type of job are different from private moves and are well prepared to meet them all.

We understand that these are often tight schedules and sensitive goods where any mistakes can be extremely costly. That’s why we always start with a free inspection, are careful to come properly equipped, and work in a structured and efficient way to minimize disruption to the work.

We offer you
office relocation in Malmö
with all furniture and computer equipment in a structured and secure way. Our staff are specialists in heavy lifting and highly solution-oriented to handle even the most complex assignments. If you have any questions or want to know more about how we help businesses, please feel free to call us and we will answer any potential questions.

Security and service with our moving company in Malmö

In addition to the obvious fact that we will deliver professional moving service of the highest quality as your moving company in Malmö, we are also concerned about our customers’ security through the collaboration. You can expect dedicated help from knowledgeable staff, trained for the task at hand and understanding the sentimental value of things.

We have all the necessary permits, liability insurance to cover any mishaps and, of course, a customer satisfaction guarantee on all work carried out. We never leave a job until we are sure that everything is to your satisfaction.

As a serious moving company in Malmö and throughout Sweden, we apply Bohag 2010 during the moving process. The document produced by the Swedish Consumer Agency in conjunction with the removals industry body containing guidelines on how to manage a move. Safer for you as a customer but also easier for us in our job to deliver a complete service that is appreciated.

We do all the heavy lifting!

When you’re moving, you don’t have to lift all the heavy items yourself; if you use us to move heavy items, we’ll make sure your move goes smoothly. We offer a moving service for those who want to move large furniture or gadgets from their old home to their new one. Among our services you will also find that we offer
piano moving in Malmö
when you need special help with your heavy items.

Tips for moving in Malmö

  1. Plan carefully for all stages of the move. There are many things to keep track of and many things to accomplish before settling into the new place. The key to success is planning.
  2. Start in good time. As a rule, packing and preparing for a move always takes longer than expected.
  3. Pack smart and structured. Both to reduce the risk of breakage during the move and to avoid searching for things once you arrive. Read through our packing tips below and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions or want some expert advice.
  4. Ask for help. Check with friends, family members and acquaintances if they can help you. You can of course also contact us at Kvalitetsflytt whether you are looking for a complete moving service or just help with transportation.

Smart and safe packing for your move

Packing for a move can be difficult and generally takes longer than expected. There’s a lot to fit in and everything needs to be packed in a structured way to avoid damage during the move and to make it easy to find what you’re looking for once you’re there.

Start by investing in really good moving boxes that are fit for purpose. Then start with the heavier items and add lighter or more fragile ones on top. Check at regular intervals that the boxes are not too heavy to carry. In turn, glass, porcelain and other fragile items must be wrapped in protective materials that insulate effectively from shocks. Now also label the boxes with the room they belong to and its contents.

With a lot of experience in packing, we can of course also help you so that you can feel confident that everything is protected for transportation.

“Quick response when requesting a quote. Punctual and efficient during the actual move.”
– Karin E – Reco

“Fast, efficient and punctual! Everything in the right place and undamaged. Affordable!”
– Johan Östberg – Facebook

“Clear offer. Careful and efficient moving of my household goods. A moving company I recommend.”
– Lars-Eric G – Reco

“Pleasant treatment from ear to loaf. The move flowed very nicely and felt that everything was handled carefully. Will absolutely use if/when the next move takes place”
– Nicklas Raab – Facebook

“Can recommend quality moving. Fast and pleasant since the price was great?
– Patrik L – Reco

“Great guys. Easy to deal with. Went quickly and smoothly. Really recommend them.”
– Inger Martinsson – Facebook

Moving yourself or with a moving company in Malmö?

Although a move can be done with helpful friends and a lot of patience, the help of a moving company is often invaluable.

  • You don’t have to do all the heavy lifting.
  • You don’t have to arrange for a trailer or moving van on your own.
  • Moving and transportation will be faster thanks to our established procedures and high-capacity trucks.
  • Your belongings are insured during transportation.

And most importantly, you can leave the moving process entirely to a moving company in Malmö, so you can focus on other things you’d rather spend your time on. With the Rut deduction, you can also deduct up to half the cost of our moving service, making it even more affordable.

Do you need help from a moving company in Malmö?

We know how much pressure and stress a move brings. This is also why we started our business and work hard every day to make things easier for all our customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some extra arms for your move or expert help from start to finish. We promise you a smoother move free from stress, hassle and costly mishaps.

We offer both moving and cleaning services for those who are moving and you always get a free quote!

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